Happy Birthday Victoria

December 1, 2019

Today is a very special day for us. Not only are we launching the very first newsletter for the Victoria Teresa Arias Memorial Foundation, today is Victoria’s birthday. 

The day our beloved Victoria would have turned 21 years old. Victoria made sure we had it all planned out before she left for college. 

We were going to fly her to Las Vegas from Minnesota and celebrate her big day with family and friends. Victoria worried that by the time she hit this milestone, we would be too old to handle Vegas, even though we assured her that would not be the case. Well, God had other plans for our “Angel” and although she won’t be there with us physically we know she will be there in spirit when we do celebrate next month in Las Vegas just like we promised...hopefully surrounded by our family and friends. 

As her “messengers” we have been very blessed over the last two years to not only start The Victoria Teresa Arias Memorial Foundation, where we have given nine scholarships totaling over $13,000 in Victoria’s name, but create a legacy that will keep her name and memory alive for many years to come.


Mike & Lorena

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